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How does Hudson work?

We’ve made it simple to LET or SELL your property for less.

We create an advert

Once we have your details, we upload your property (amends or additions are easy). Our team is here to help create the best advert possible. We’ll have you live in minutes. Millions of potential viewers. All within 24 hours.

You relax

Our dedicated property expert will be with you every step of the way. PLUS you’ll have access to your expert 24/7, whenever you need them.

We meet your tenants

We’ll handle all the inquiries and pass them onto you via text and email. If you picked our tenant premium package, we book and carry out the viewing, allowing you to focus on what’s important!


Best negotiators

We’ll vet all viewers, negotiate the best price for your property, and find you an rate or an offer you’re happy with.

What if my property doesn’t sell or find a tenant?

We will continue to market your property under the terms (listing period) of the service agreement! No extra or hidden fees, we will make sure you find someone.

You relax

Leave the tenancy agreement, deposit collection and legalities to us (we’ll even check your tenants in, carry out an inventory, and fully manage the property if you choose). We’re here seven days a week to ensure a smooth transaction!

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